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Top 6 Applications of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is a field of computer science which deals with the generation, manipulation, and storage of digital images. It is used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from video games to scientific visualization. Over the years, the development of computer graphics has been driven by advances in technology and software. As a result, there are now a wide variety of computer graphics applications available for users of all levels of experience. This article will discuss the top six apps for computer graphics.

For the programs discussed below, we’ll be sure to explain what they’re best for. We will consider only the most popular solutions, with which it is desirable to be able to work even with a novice designer.

Adobe Photoshop

Designed primarily for the processing of bitmap graphics, but can also be used to work with vectors and / or in the process of creating websites of printed materials. The program can be attributed to universal solutions, so it is a must-have solution for most designers.

Since the program is primarily designed for processing photographs, it will be of more interest to photographers and those who are engaged in the preparation of materials for promotional products. Often the entire process of creating promotional products – banners, images for posts on social networks, covers and much more is created directly in this program.

Also the functionality of the program allows you to develop with its help design layouts of websites, mobile applications, even games. Because of the difficulties and “sluggishness” of Photoshop, designers in this sphere prefer to use alternative solutions, but many beginners, as well as some major web studios, continue to use Photoshop to design websites and applications.

In terms of functionality, the program gives a very wide range of choices, which is actually why it has become so popular. It has everything you need to work with vector graphics, primitive elements, text and even animation. Lacking functionality, if any, you can try to get at the expense of additional plug-ins for the program.


One way or another combines the features of the previous programs, but it is completely free. It could well be an independent tool for the designer, because it allows you to work with vector and raster graphics, create layouts of websites, applications. Also, its functionality can be expanded by installing third-party plug-ins.

This software is not so popular among designers, however, in some cases, can still be used as a basic tool. For example, if you want to quickly make a design on a computer running Linux, because to put this operating system programs from Adobe is quite problematic.


This is not really a program, but rather a web service. However, users can download the complete program and use it for convenience. In some cases this is even preferable. The developers position it as a solution for creating layouts of websites, applications and interactive elements. Of course, with its help you can try to draw illustrations, advertising poster or banner, but it is not very convenient.

It is noteworthy that the program includes many templates for creating designs. This is also quite convenient, as it saves time on preparatory work. Plus, it is possible to link together several pages of the layout, add animation to them, make them react to certain actions of the user. Thanks to this you can quickly make an interactive layout of an application or website.

With a simple interface and putting the necessary functionality in the foreground, it is possible to quickly learn how to work with Figma. You do not even need to watch video tutorials, because if you had at least a little experience in other graphics editors, you will learn everything simply by using the “gut feeling” method.

If you are not satisfied with the presented functionality, it can be easily expanded with third-party API libraries. The program itself and the web service are free by default, but if you need any additional functionality, such as teamwork on a project, you’ll have to buy a separate subscription to the product.

Corel Draw

A multifunctional program, albeit less convenient than Adobe’s solutions. Its functionality is designed primarily to work with vector graphics, but there are tools to work with bitmap graphics. Usually this program and its modules are used to work with typography – text, design brochures, printed materials, creating illustrations and logos.

Distributed also on a paid basis, but costs less than products from Adobe. Basically it is widespread in printing agencies, because in the program there are tools for the fast preparation of the layout to printing.

Computer Graphics


The main purpose of this software is to work with fonts. With its help one can create a new font or edit the existing one for one’s own needs. So far in this segment of the program FontLab is the absolute leader. Despite the fact that the interface and tools of the program as a whole simple to understand and use, the user sometimes have to work with the code. It is connected with the fact that it is necessary to set correctly the behavior of fonts and tools when scaling. Of course, writing code can be avoided, for example, by installing additional plug-ins or using built-in solutions, but it is not suitable in all cases.

FontLab, unlike analogues which allow working only in static mode, supports creation of variable glyphs while interacting with interpolated family of fonts. Most programs of a similar orientation are able to work mainly with static fonts, but sometimes the designer is necessary to adjust the dynamic behavior of fonts.

Additionally, the program has features that allow you to quickly improve the display of fonts with built-in algorithms. The main drawback of this program is a small amount of learning materials and the inability to quickly learn on your own, if you have not worked with similar solutions before.


This is a popular program for designers, but it is presented only as an exclusive solution for users of the operating system mac OS. This software is not supported on Windows and is distributed for a fee, but with an available trial version. The toolkit of the software is focused primarily on working with vector graphics.

Before you start working with projects you will need to first configure the workspace of the program. The software itself is not very difficult to master, however, tutorials on it still not very much, so if you have not worked with other graphics editors such direction, you may have problems.

The most popular programs used for the design of applications, websites, printed materials, etc. It is possible that to work productively as a designer you will have to use several solutions discussed in the article.